Kilt pin (English)

New Kilt pins

For the third years I’m wearing kilts regularly. Having a single kilt pin (in French) is about to become frustrating. I need novelty, that’s it. Some days ago, as I was looking at models sold on a commercial website I found no originality on them, no relation with what I want to show.

This little brooch fixed on a quarter of the tartan is, to my mind, a real jewel but also a way to tell something about oneself, like the buckle belt. If the last one is unessential, a kilt pin have always to be worn. However, to conform with modernity, traditional symbolism has to be overtaken with others patterns, in order to enlarge opportunities.

kilt pin 1
« Des hommes, des jupes », what beautiful moto for a kilt wearer ! isn’t it ?

In this way, I begun to wear a small badge received with my first kilt from Hiatus. This kind of message wearing brooch was trendy some years ago and allow a spirited of protest look (other clothes must be accorded). As it is a grey colored object, I find it fit well with National Grey tartan, which also is in some way modern-day and easy to wear with other garment – for example a white shirt with navy blue jacket and kilt hoses. This kind of pin is good to show one’s opinion or an important message, that’s to say express a part of oneself or of one’s aspirations.

kilt pin 3
A winged star doesn’t fit perfectly with the magic of a wide forest and its dark and wild rivers ?

I also tested a round shaped military insignia. But be careful with this is kind of item : mine is not worn on its right place (the right breast pocket) and, as far as I know, is obsolete. It is a fantasy pilot or observer cadet’s badge, one’s could buy to replace the official badge. Its circular shape reminds me some round kilt pins but the symbolic attached to it has no link with celtic’s world. I only want to show my passion for aviation, not to claim to belong to some movements or tribe.

kilt pin 2
A lunar cat : modernity and poetry

Traditional shapes can yet be over passed. I spotted a pretty brooch which belongs to my girlfriend. It is a little cat whose colors fit well with National Grey tartan. The golden metal is an alternative to silvered one I often wore. Its design, with the crescent moon shaped tail, have association of Arabic style to me and stand like a melting pot of different cultures. Because  it is also a very modern representation for cat, the one which can be found in art galleries. This brooch is more than a simple jewel.

As you can understand, kilt pin isn’t necessarily a sword or shield shaped brooch. Others models can be found to replace them. It helps to built a modern look with a kilt : the knight era is now over and it seems to me that our society want to ban increasingly weapons as they stand as violence’s symbols. Respecting your personality is the more important in your choice. But you also have to chose a pin which match with your tartan because, for me, the only rule to follow carefully is the esthetic one. To put it in a nutshell, the kilt pin must delivered its own message staying in unison with the other clothes.

Here are some ideas. No doubt that others avenues can be pursued. If you want to share your owns or give your opinion, please leave a comment. You’ll be welcome.

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